Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Path Is Open To Those Who Wish To Heal

Change the World and Heal Others.

As a Sacred Activations Practitioner, you will become part of a large and growing movement ready to take on the challenges of the world and bring peace, health, and unity as we move towards our next evolution.

Hear What Others Have To Say

“Tamra’s method of sacred activations is one of the most powerful single modalities I have come across, particularly for the rapid transformation of one’s life, she is a powerhouse of a healer with tremendous heart, and I highly recommend this work.”

Hanson Tse

Founder of Humble Exploration

“Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healing on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders.I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healing with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…”

Hümeyra Gürel Tumay

Sacred Activations Practitioner

“Since receiving Activations from Tamra, my husband, Dr. Richard Sag MD, and I have seen miraculous changes in our lives and the lives of our children.”

Dr. Joanne Sag

Manage Your Own Healing Practice.

Becoming a Sacred Activations practitioner opens a new world giving you the ability to heal and help others, Unlock your hidden powers and make a change.

Make Waves and Heal the World

This program is such a compact training you will be changing thousands of belief systems, connecting with others all around the world, creating a rapid change, and will let you determine what useful and what is excess in your life.

Change the Future.

By the end of the training, you will know what areas you are most drawn to and how you can make the greatest difference and the best way for you to be of service to the community.