Dawn Livingstone – New Earth Healing
Face to face and online energy healing.

Sacred Activations: Advanced and Master Practitioner
Reiki: Master/Teacher
Specializing in belief work and Reiki sessions (hands-on and distance) and 1st, 2nd and Master/Teacher classes.
14146 Glencoe St
North Thornton
Colorado, USA
Daytime, evenings and weekends – contact me for availability.
Advanced Practitioner, Master Practitioner.
Expand Your Awareness

I have been practicing different energy modalities for many years. In 2014 I took the Sacred Activations Practitioner class, and later the Masters and Mastering the Masters. Within the one year of taking those classes, my GIFTS of BEING a facilitator of energetic transformation and clearing have magnified exponentially! The SA Energy will allow you to move into more of who you truly are, and assist you to create changes in all aspects of your life. The SA Energy clears out limiting beliefs that you have collected throughout this lifetime or previous lifetimes, and connects you to the energy of Unconditional Love and Allowance. This energy helps you move through your life with grace and ease and JOY! If you are looking to make changes in your life, big or small, I would love to connect with you.
Mastering the Master
Jannette Semenic


Mastering the Master Practitioner
Lisa Winfield
Assisting in finding and spreading joy in life

Using the amazing Sacred Activation to help clear negative belief systems that hold us back or cause us pain; replacing these belief’s with positive knowledge and joy. Helping to navigate this world. (ACSW – Addictions and Community Service Worker background )

Toronto, Canada
M9P 1P8
Master Practitioner
Princess Cuenco