Master Practitioner Home Study and Live Training


Join us for Master Practitioner Training, a four-day class which builds upon the Practitioner Training. Learn more about to clear the collective consciousness and work with groups. You will also become certified to treat your clients with 125 Sacred Activations!

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Become part of a large and growing movement ready to take on the challenges of the world and bring peace, health, and unity as society move towards the next evolution. Clearing clients from the collective consciousness, the practitioner shifts themselves and others into a community state of mind. Releasing deep seated traumas, emotional blockages and belief systems aid your clients in achieving greater happiness, prosperity and success.


  • Receive 125 Additional Activations
  • Treat your clients with all of the activations you’ve received
  • Give and receive 50 activations during the class itself
  • Learn to perform activations on large groups
  • Learn more about the collective consciousness, and how to shift/manifest reality
  • See beyond the third dimension to facilitate healing in every day life
  • Become certified to work with groups in person or by webinar.
  • Expand your understanding and use of the Sacred Energies.


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